Their Rooms “우리 이야기 “Our Story”/ Music Essay


Their Rooms, Our Story (우리 이야기 “Our Story”)/ Music Essay

Their Rooms/Music Essay is a photobook and also an album, which contains photos of their daily activities, 6 tracks of their new Korean songs and some essay messages written by themselves to tell the fans about how they feel up until now.


Music Essay Track List :

1. Nine ( written and composed by Jaejoong)

2. Pierrot (written and composed by Jaejoong)

3. Mission (written and composed by Junsu, rap by Yoochun)

4. I.D.S  – I Deal Scenario (written and composed by Jaejoong)

5. Fallen Leaves (written and composed by Junsu)

6. A Song Without a Name part 1 (written and composed by Yoochun)